Westar Institute 2011 Fall Meeting: The Bible Seminar

Notes from this ground-breaking launch of the Bible Seminar by the Westar Institute follow.  In three Bible Seminar sessions, a “café table” format discussed the following three topics:

a.     What are the old questions re the bible in history: what, why,
b.    The Bible and society: What does the Bible say about family values, GLBT issues; war and peace and violence.
c.    The Bible as something: once and future Bible: What is it?

In each session, we were asked to prioritize questions from scholars, and to generate new questions to add to the list.  Over the next year, the questions generated by fellows and associates will be distilled into the agenda for the Bible Seminar.  The 2012 Fall meeting of the Bible Seminar will be held in Chicago, and these results will be presented at that time.

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