Westar Institute Bible Seminar: John Dominic Crossan Keynote

1.    The questions generated and prioritized by the participants will dictate what happens over the next year
2.    There is a difference between questions and doubts.  The opposite to question is death.
3.    We are thinking of the Christian Bible because that’s where the biggest problem is.
4.    “Try to determine the subtle difference between baptism and lobotomy”
5.    In Daniel 7 the Kingdom Of God is opposed to imperialism.  If Jesus represents the KOG, then Jesus also opposes imperialism.  The Biblical god is on a collision course with our homeland
6.    Three themes:
a.    The problem of Unity: A small library disguised as a book, considered as a story, with Bad God in OT, Good God in NT – will have to be denied.  It is only persuasive to those who have only read Revelation.  What is the unity?  Not solved by dividing it into the new disposing of the old.
b.    Violence: whether god is supreme, is the god of theXtian Bible violent or non-violent?  Or some cocktail of some of each?  What do we do with the fact that God is nonviolent distributive justice and the opposite?  Is there a solution?  Which program do we join?  Take the good and ignore the bad.
c.    Looking at the Xtian bible – where the Jesus and Bible seminars cross: It reads like a story, but is the meaning at the end or in the middle?  Can you flip to the end and find the meaning?  Is the historical Jesus the norm of the Bible, or is the Bible the norm of the Historical Jesus?  Which trumps the other?  Christ vs. Criminal?  Is this Jesus the norm of the Bible.  Does the peaceful man on the donkey trump the violent soldier on the horse?  Did God so love the world that he sent a book?  Or a person?  How to explain the flight of the New Testament from the historical Jesus (HJ)?  Even before Revelation.  Does Jesus change his mind or do the writers change their Jesus?  Xtians are not the people of the book but the people with the book.  We count time down to the HJ, and then out from the HJ.  Is Jesus a nice mixture or is he a nonviolent revolutionary?  “The flight from the Historical Jesus is a tribute to the honesty of everyone involved, and he scared the living daylights out of them.”

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