Westar Institute Bible Seminar: World Cafe Process

1.    Papers by Pamela Eisenbaum, Arthur J. Dewey and David McCreery – No time for questions.  Move into the seed questions.  Read through the questions, then prioritize and vote on them.
2.    Not how to answer, but prioritizing them as to importance.
3.    Then brainstorm and refine the questions then pick the top three.
4.    So papers first, distill new questions, and consider the online set questions.
5.    15 minutes: a scholar will present a set of questions.  This will be both handouts and electronic.  Look at the questions and rank them.  After a half hour, time is called and everyone switches places.  Fellows meet and associates mix.  Then generate new questions.  Scholars and associates will likely have different questions, so that is why the groups are divided.  The upcoming agenda will include both sets of questions.
6.    People with Laptops threw questions into a common Bible Seminar GoogleDoc projected on screens.  This is the proto-document for the Bible Seminar Agenda.

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