Robin Meyers and Michael Dowd Endorse The Year of Mark

Sea Raven’s Year of Mark commentary on Year B of the Revised Common Lectionary lays out a path for a counter-cultural church that challenges the assumptions of Empire as usual. In contrast to conventional understandings of some of the most beloved Christian texts, Sea Raven reminds us that if we pay attention to Jesus’s original message we can change the paradigm in which we live from violence to non-violence, from exclusion to inclusion. We can choose active resistance to the normal course of civilizations and usher in a world where distributive justice-compassion holds sway. Her interpretations of ancient scripture are grounded in the best of Biblical scholarship, and bring foundational stories from both the Old and New Testaments into contemporary relevance. This three-volume series, Theology from Exile, is a valuable resource for Sunday morning worship, and serious Bible study.
Rev. Robin R. Meyers, Ph.D, Senior Minister,
Mayflower Congregational UCC Church, Oklahoma City
–Distinguished Professor of Social Justice, Philosophy Department, Oklahoma City University

The Year of Mark, Volume III of Sea Raven’s series of commentaries on the Revised Common Lectionary, continues her challenge to the church to bring traditional scripture into the 21st century. This volume is especially important to an evolving Christianity because of the emphasis on the Gospel of John in lectionary Year B. This gospel, the most beloved, is also the most misunderstood. Amazingly, Sea Raven manages to relate the second century mysticism of John’s gospel to the 13.8 billion year Big History of everyone and everything in a way that honors the mystic in each of us without violating the intellectual integrity of evidential revelation. The series is a valuable resource for not only pro-science Christians who realize that it’s simply impossible to worship God without honoring Nature; it is also a significant contribution to the ongoing dialogue among all spiritual traditions looking to interpret factual faith and a modern cosmology in inspiring, soul-nourishing ways.
Rev. Michael Dowd, author of Thank God for Evolution,
a book endorsed by 6 Nobel Prize-winning scientists and dozens of religious leaders…