Since 1992, Sea Raven, D.Min., has taught the concept of natural, creation-centered or earth-based ritual in worship services and life celebrations in various church settings, including retreats, pulpit supply, and religious education.

An exploration of Eucharist beyond the fall-redemption tradition
Moon Liturgies
New        Full             Dark
Life Celebrations
Wedding  Memorial
Liturgies for the Wheel of the Year
Eight special worship experiences that explore the old Celtic Wheel of the Year
in the context of the Christian Liturgical calendar.

Pre-Christian Celtic Festival

ChristianLiturgical Parallel
Samhain (Halloween) Honoring the Ancestors Feast of All Saints
Winter Solstice Christmas
Imbolc Candlemas; the return of the light; Epiphany
Celebration of Spring Equinox: Ostara Easter; Resurrection; Life, Death, Rebirth
Now is the Month of Maying: Beltane Communion as a Feast of Love; Pentecost
Summer Solstice Midsummer; Growth, Commitment
First Fruits: Lammas/Lughnasadh Abundance; First Fruits of the Spirit
The Fall Equinox: Mabon Harvest
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