Appalachia Poster Child for Systemic Injustice: West Virginia A Theological Challenge for the Third Sunday After the Epiphany

Isaiah 9:1-4; 1 Corinthians 1:10-18; Matthew 4:12-23

In Matthew’s midrash of Isaiah’s prophecy, Jesus tours all over Galilee, teaching in the synagogues, curing all kinds of diseases, and proclaiming that God’s kingdom has come. The verses in Chapter 4 selected …

Guns, Fear, and Power

Matthew 6:28-34

 Freddy won’t put down his pistol; He likes the way it feels; He likes the power that it gives him; Power that feels real. He likes to look down at his hand and feel the cold blue steel.

Reproductive Justice in West Virginia

To the Editor
The Journal, Martinsburg, West Virginia
Re: “Red Flags: Health is not a concern for pro-choice advocates” Sunday September 8, 2013

Your header is certainly a red flag – voices of moderation need not apply.  It is time …

Syria, Obama, and the Mark of Cain

Genesis 4:1-16; Romans 2:1-24, 12:14-21; Mark 3:31-35

John Dominic Crossan defines the Bible as the story of humanity’s continuing struggle to beat God. From Genesis to Revelation, God constantly lays out what the covenantal rules are and what the consequences …

State by State the Longest List Can Be Done

Step by step the longest march can be won, can be won.Many stones can form an arch; singly none, singly none. And by union what we will can be accomplished still: Drops of water turn a mill; singly none singly

Zealot: Dr. Aslan’s Violent, Improbable Jesus

A Google search for “Zealot Aslan” reveals 2,350,000 results in less than 35 seconds.  Page two contains a run-down of the many scholars who either hate the book or shrug it off.  Personally, I read it because I was gratified …

The Year of Luke

bookcoverThe Year of Luke (Theology from Exile: Commentary on the Revised Common Lectionary for an Emerging Christianity)


The Year of Luke is the first in a series of commentaries on biblical scripture found in the three-year cycle of Christian …

Experimental Post

This is a test…

The Year of Luke Preview

Preview excerpts from The Year of Luke here. Full Kindle version available here.

Year of Luke temporarily unavailable

The kindle edition of Year of Luke has been taken offline due to publication errors.  For a preview, feel free to visit Highlights from Year C.